Thursday, October 27, 2011

Planning and building the base

We were so busy today trying to get our base built that the students forgot about blogging. No worries, Mrs. Anderson to the rescue.

Today the students began the process of building the base of the planetarium. We discussed different ways of attaching the base, but finally decided to measure the lengths of the last row of triangles, then to add three inch tabs on the top and two sides of the cardboard sheets. The base sections are close to being square units. We hope they will easily attach to the base of the triangles and be able to support the above structure. Crossing our fingers!

While we were trying to figure out the bases we dealt with collapsing sides on the planetarium. We finally resorted to sending two gentlemen into the dome to hold up the sides while we worked. We're not quite sure how putting the bases on the dome structure will work out. Our main goal will be to support the dome structure and try to lessen the tension on the rivets so they don't start popping out. It could be challenging. We will find out on Monday...

Measuring the bases

Measuring the bases

Measuring the bases

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