Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Finally we get to start putting the planetarium together. We started by bringing all of the pieces to a different room so that we could set it up. We put the top together first because we wouldnt be able to reach the top of it after we got the base done. We had to have people stand in the middle of it and hold it up so that we could start building from the top down to the base of it. Some of the rivets started to pop out but not a big deal we got them all fixed. We got to the base of the dome today and now we have to figure out how to build the base. Currently there are desks inside and outside the dome holding it in place. Be sure to check out all of the pictures we took of today's progress. -Jessee Vasquez
Triangles in place and ready to be added to the dome

Reno and Jessee adding the first rivets
Adding sections of triangles to the top portion of the dome

Jessee working hard holding the dome up
All hands on deck

Working as a team to construct the dome

Natalie making nice use of the ladder

Another layer added

The last triangles before the base

Our custodians admiring our handy work

Final product of the day. Students are feeling very accomplished!
All layers of the dome have been added and desks put in for support. We will build the base next class and add in the remaining triangles.

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